Is your child slow or labored at reading? Does he or she have poor reading comprehension?
Is it hard for you to get your child to sit down and read?

Fast ForwordMany children who have a hard time in school have weak foundational reading skills, which is the basis for all learning.

Fast ForWord targets the underlying causes of reading difficulties, which is what makes it so effective. Fast ForWord is an adaptive program developed by neuroscientists – it targets the root cause of your child’s reading struggles and makes permanent changes to the brain.

For younger readers our goal is a strong foundation, working up to fluent reading. For older kids and adults, we build reading speed and comprehension along with metacognition, the ability to understand and think critically while reading.

Fast ForWord works on the following skills, which will give your child a solid foundation for success:

  • Processing Rate

  • Attention

  • Recall & Memory

  • Sequencing

  • Reading and Literacy Skills

  • Vocabulary and Grammar

My son had been using Fast ForWord at school for two years. He went from a 1.5 grade level deficit to now reading 1 grade level ahead. He no longer needs reading intervention.
It’s a great program!

– Facebook Testimonial-