Did you know that kids spend 45% of a typical school day listening, and 85% of their knowledge should be gained through listening?

Fast ForwordIf you feel like you’re constantly repeating information for your child (they aren’t attending), if your child can be described as “spacy” or unfocused, if your child has trouble sitting still in school – your child may be at-risk of falling behind in school.

Many children who have trouble with focus and attention don’t process information efficiently, which is an impediment to accurate listening and reading. Fast ForWord builds processing skills, which in turn improves attention.

After using Fast ForWord, parents report their children can:

  • Pay attention longer. Children can complete homework with less help.
  • Follow multi-step directions. Can follow along if you ask them, “Pick up your shoes, grab your jacket, and meet me in the car.”

Read better and understand more. This helps your child not only in reading, but can give your child the tools to succeed in all subjects at school.

This really helped my daughter. She passed her first attention test ever after working through this program. She was sad when she ‘graduated’ from Fast ForWord

Facebook Testimonial

Facebook Testimonial