Improve reading level

  • Builds better readers: students improve reading level 50% beyond expected gains.
  • Saves you time: it automatically assesses and tracks words correct per minute (WCPM) and reading comprehension for teachers!
  • Provides an unbiased listener to every student: even hard-to-engage students will practice reading aloud, always without judgment.
  • Dramatically improves reading fluency, the critical bridge to comprehension.



After Reading Assistant, students…

Reports that save you time

Get automatic WCPM, reading and comprehension scores for all your students in this classroom results report.

Running records taking too long? These student reports act as running records, showing you which words each student struggled on, their WCPM, and other valuable info.

Learn your students’ reading comprehension strengths/weaknesses with these comprehension reports: do students need help with literal recall or inference? Comparing and contrasting?

Monitor large groups of students, see how well they’re progressing as a group, and who needs help in these school level reports.

Easy to use at your school

Students put on a microphone headset, log on to a website, and get rolling.

  • Step 1: students listen to a modeled
    reading and are asked guided reading
    questions to stimulate their thinking
    about the text
  • Step 2: students read the selection
    aloud and record themselves
  • Step 3: a comprehension quiz checks
    for inferential and literal understanding

Check out these implementation and scheduling options.

See the system requirements, ask us which headphones you need.

Teacher ResourcesTeacher’s Guide
Reading Assistant comes with a Teacher’s Guide, complete with lessons for each of the reading selections to reinforce vocabulary and other concepts in small groups or the whole class. See some sample lessons.

Reading PortfolioReading Portfolio
Reading Assistant automatically saves student recordings to create a “reading portfolio” that tracks growth through the school year. You can email recordings to parents to show their child’s work!