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Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant Overview

Scientific Learning’s products are unique reading intervention tools used around the world to build reading and learning skills. With over 300 studies, Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant truly are research-based products.

Reading Assistant™ Software Overview

As an educator, you care deeply about the success of your students. And you know that reading is the most important skill they need to

Reading Assistant™ Tutorial

De software door de ogen van het kind

Fast ForWord Software Overview

Today’s classroom is more academically diverse than ever, and even though schools offer a variety of programs and resources, some learners

Fast ForWord Tutorial

Fast ForWord Student Motivation Video

Use this video to show why and how Fast ForWord works to help your adolescent students become better readers and learners. It starts in the brain – but it’s ultimately up to them to put the work in to see results!

Reading Assistant wereldwijd al meer dan 3 miljoen gebruikers
Reading Assistant is evidence-based en meer dan 20 jaar neurowetenschappelijk onderzoek aan voorafgegaan. Na gebruik van Reading Assistant leerlingen verbeteren leesniveau met 50% boven gemiddeld.

6 maanden vooruitgang leesvaardigheid verbeteren in slechts één maand?

Vraag kosteloos en geheel vrijblijvende proefperiode aan en maak kennis met deze geavanceerde software?

Tweetalig onderwijs

In het diepe gesprongen om tweetalig onderwijs aan te bieden?

Wij merken dat veel scholen worstelen met de vraag hoe dit vorm te geven en welke materialen te gebruiken. Er zijn veel fysieke materialen beschikbaar maar digitaal is het aanbod beperkt. Wij denken u met onze geavanceerde Reading software met directe feedback (tutor) goed te kunnen helpen om uw programma vorm te geven en de ontwikkeling van de Engelse taal voor uw leerlingen sterk te bevorderen.

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Stereo headset

De zacht gevoerde oorschelpen schermen omgevingsgeluid betrouwbaar af, zodat je je helemaal op de tekst kunt concentreren. Via de microfoon kun je goed en eenvoudig binnen het programma je gesproken tekst opnemen.

– Verstelbaar in grootte
– Gering gewicht van slechts 180 gram
– PC, Mac en mobiele apparaten met een 3,5mm stereo-aansluiting


Ecostiek concentratiescherm

Zowel visuele prikkels als geluidsprikkels worden weggenomen. Uitermate geschikt voor Reading Assistant wanneer er meerdere leerlingen tegelijkertijd met het programma werken.


More videos

Fast ForWord on the iPadFast ForWord on the iPad®

David’s using an iPad to improve his memory, attention, processing and reading skills. How? Watch to see the Fast ForWord exercises in action.


Reading Assistant Overview Video

Just like a personal, interactive tutor, Reading Assistant actually “listens” to each student read. It’s the only reading software with REAL TIME oral reading feedback. If a student stumbles or gets stuck, Reading Assistant intervenes by saying the word correctly, providing help at the very moment when it’s most effective.


Fast ForWord Overview Video

With the Fast ForWord program, students can strengthen foundational learning pathways in the brain, dramatically increasing their capacity to learn. The Fast ForWord program can quickly transform students into better learners across all areas of study – learners who can absorb information faster, pay closer attention, and remember more of what they are taught.


The Reading Brain and the Fast ForWord Program

The reading-ready brain coordinates sounds to language, language to reading, and reading to comprehension. This video provides an overview of how the reading brain works.



Improving Reading Comprehension & Executive Function

Amber Hall, a parent of two, describes how using the Fast ForWord product helped her 5th grade son with focus and organization and her 3rd grade daughter with reading and listening skills.



Kenny Hilliard From 2nd Grade Reading Level to LSU Scholarship

At risk of dropping out of high school, Kenny Hilliard started using the Fast ForWord program with the hope of earning a traditional high school diploma. After the program, Kenny had improved reading comprehension, grades, and ACT scores and is now headed for Louisiana State University on a football scholarship.


Educators Speak about Results They Have Seen with Fast ForWord Products

Teachers and administrators from school districts around the U.S. describe the results they have seen in students using the Fast ForWord products. They cite improvements in reading, comprehension, and staying on task, as well as some “miraculous results.”



Broward County, FL: “Fast ForWord has made me a more confident learner.”

Teachers, administrators, and students from Broward County, FL, describe the results they have seen with the Fast ForWord products. These include greater focus, an increased desire to read and learn, and the belief that the students can do anything they want to do.


Anchorage, AK: “I am stunned. I’ve never seen anything like this.”

A veteran teacher speaks about her initial resistance to the Fast ForWord implementation at her school and her subsequent conversion to Fast ForWord enthusiast. She interviews multiple students about their improved reading skills,  including one whose reading grade level increased 7 years.



Show Low, AZ: “This is my second year requesting to use Fast ForWord for all my classes.”

A Fast ForWord coach from the Show Low School Unified School District, AZ, talks about her K-3rd grade students. She interviews two 3rd grade students who raised their grades after using Fast ForWord products—an ELL student and an above-average reader who had trouble focusing.



Liberty Public Schools, MO: “The number of students we’re able to reach is tremendous.”

Educators and students at Liberty Public Schools in Liberty, MO, share accounts of their successes with the Fast ForWord products, from increased enjoyment of reading to improved reading and math grades.



Cumberland County, NC: “I would highly recommend this program.”

District educators talk about the success of their Fast ForWord implementation, and a 9th grade student from Cumberland County Schools in North Carolina demonstrates his improved reading ability.



Willie Brown: From Struggling Reader to College Student

When Willie Brown was 15, he was reading at a 1st grade level. After years of testing resulting in a diagnosis of severe dyslexia, he found an inspirational teacher who assigned him to work on the Fast ForWord program and his life changed forever.



Josie’s Story: Success for a Struggling Reader

Josie Bowles entered 4th grade as a struggling reader with poor fluency. She began the Fast ForWord program that fall, and by spring her grade level equivalency scores rose from 2.5 to 4.7 for vocabulary and from 3.5 to 5.5 in comprehension.



Empowering Our Children to Learn

Sherrelle Walker, Chief Education Officer for Scientific Learning, discusses how the Scientific Learning products build memory, attention, processing, and sequencing—the foundational skills required for all learning. Video clip from The Balancing Act.



The Fast ForWord StoryThe Fast ForWord Story

Learn the history of the Fast ForWord software, from the research lab to your classroom.

Have you wondered why the Fast ForWord exercises sound unusual? Watch this tutorial to find out why.

Learn why the Fast ForWord sound sequencing exercises are both challenging and critical to student success.