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Download whitepaper PDF Brain Science and Reading Instruction by Timothy Rasinski, Ph.D. and Martha S. Burns, Ph.D.
Learn about the major advances in our understanding of effective reading instruction, our understanding of how the brain works, and new approaches for conceptualizing, implementing, and monitoring reading instruction.

Download whitepaper PDF Supportive Fluency Instruction: The Key to Reading Success (Especially for Students Who Struggle) by Timothy Rasinski, Ph.D.
Learn from Tim Rasinski, Ph.D., reading fluency expert, what fluency is and is not, why it’s important, and its crucial role in reading comprehension.

Download whitepaper PDF RTI for All: Ideologies, Manufactured Dichotomies, and “The Genius of And” by Chris Weber, Ed.D.
This Whitepaper describes a few of the most common and destructive dichotomies in education. It provides solutions that have been employed in successful Response to Intervention models that resolve these divisions and improve learning for ALL students.

Download whitepaper PDF Executive Function and Children’s Development by Alexandra Main, Ph.D. Candidate
This whitepaper discusses the components of executive function (inhibitory control, attention focusing and shifting, cognitive flexibility, and memory), how executive function develops, its essential role in learning, and how it can be strengthened in children.

Download whitepaper PDF A Principal’s Guide to Blended Learning by Charles Wilson
What are the theoretical considerations when developing a blended learning program, and what does a successful blended learning program look like? This whitepaper provides a definition, examines common models and key issues, and ends with a detailed real-life example from the Oakland, CA, elementary school where Wilson is Principal.

Download whitepaper PDF How Three Schools and Districts Accelerated Student Learning
This whitepaper provides an in-depth view of three different implementations of Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant. Find out how these schools and districts made the programs successful with diverse student populations in a variety of settings—from after school to summer school, from the computer lab to  the regular classroom.

Download whitepaper PDF Phonemes and Morphemes: Support for Readers by Prof. Virginia A. Mann, Ph.D
This whitepaper discusses ways to build phoneme and morpheme awareness in emerging readers and provides exercises that can be used in the classroom or at home, such as phoneme judgment activities, syllable counting, word maps, and ways to work with homophones, prefixes, suffixes and roots. A list of additional resources for further reading is also included.

Download whitepaper PDF What New Brain Wave Research Tells Us About Language-Based Learning Disabilities by Martha Burns, Ph.D.
Most child language scientists have believed that human beings possess an innate capacity to learn the language spoken to them during the first few years of life. But what about those children who don’t develop language so effortlessly?

Download whitepaper PDF Why Auditory Processing Disorders (APD) are Hard to Spot and How to Improve Them by Martha Burns, Ph.D.
Learn about 2013 research on auditory processing disorders – what they are (and are not), and how they can easily be confused with poor listening skills.

Download whitepaper PDF Auditory Processing Skills & Reading Disorders in Children by Hallie Smith, MA
It’s not exactly news that there’s a relationship between auditory processing skills and reading disorders in children. This paper reviews 2013 research on this topic.